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Copper Matte Raku #01

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This is a Copper Matte Raku piece which is a similar firing technique to Raku. The glaze for this technique is predominantly made up of red copper oxide giving the piece its unique colours. When the work is heated in the kiln the glaze does not melt on the surface and after half an hour, once the pot glows red, it is removed and placed into a reduction bin of crumpled paper. The paper ignites and the bin is covered.

After a few minutes the bin is opened and the reintroduction of oxygen results in an instantaneous combustion. As the flames move around the pottery, metallic colours and lustres can be seen as flashes on the surface. Once removed the metallic colours and lustres have been fixed to the work.


W18 x H25cm


Copper Matte Raku

After the pot has cooled it is sprayed with Liquid Quartz from Made of Australia. This product doesn’t change any of the characteristics of the pottery; it just seals the surface. Because the glaze is matte; over time dust may collect of the surface of the work. The best way to remove it is by blowing it off. Water, cleaning liquids or cloths should not be used as these may leave residuals on the surface.

The pottery should not be placed in direct sunlight or in front of spot lights and should be kept at room temperature.This is a low temperature firing technique and as a result is not intended to hold water. The clay body is not highly vitrified and can be quite delicate. As a result it can be easily damaged if knocked.