Mark’s ceramic practice is driven by his passion for craft, form and process. The variety and quality of his work is garnered from years of practice developing and honing a range of ceramic techniques.

Pottery Throwing

  • Mark specialises in small to medium size throwing however he believes that no pot is too big or small to throw. Mark has developed a number of throwing techniques which are used dependent on the size of the work.

  • A creative at heart, Mark often lets the throwing process guide the form of his artistic pieces rather than sticking to a set format or structure. He does however enjoy creating a sense of uniformity and unity in his functional line.

Horse Hair Raku

  • During the final stages of the turning process the pot is burnished. This polishing of the surface is done with a plastic tool creating a glossy surface. After the pot is dry, it is sprayed with fine particles of clay called terra sigillata.

    This surface is also polished resulting in an overall high gloss sheen. After the pot is bisque fired it is painted with ferric chloride. When dry it is wrapped in a thick layer of silver foil, this creates a saggar around the pottery. Before the foil is sealed, seaweed, banana peels, rock salt, copper carbonate, wood shavings, saw dust and cobalt carbonate is added around the pot.

  • Following this, the pot is fired in a kiln until it is glowing red hot. The red hot pot is removed from the kiln, the foil is partially removed and horse hair is laid on the hot surface which immediately shrivels creating distinctive black patterns on the surface. When the pot is dry it is washed to remove residual chemicals or materials; following this it is sealed with a thin layer of wax which enhances the decoration and protects the surface.

Stay tuned for details on more ceramic techniques...