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Naked Raku #02

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This is a Naked Raku piece which is a similar firing technique to Raku. During the final stages of the turning process the pot is burnished. After the pot is dry, it is sprayed with terra sigillata and polished resulting in a high gloss sheen. Once the pot is bisque fired it is dipped into pottery slip and then dipped into a clear raku glaze. After a few days, once dry, it is fired in a raku kiln.

When the pot appears wet and shiny it is removed from the kiln. Cool air is blown onto the surface creating cracks. Next the pot is placed in a reduction bin of combustibles and sealed. After approximately 15 minutes once cool the pot is removed from the reduction bin. The glaze surface falls away and patterns appear on the surface.


W11 x H27.5cm


Naked Raku


The pot is cleaned with water and when dry, a layer of wax is applied to the surface to protect and enhance the decoration. This also protects the surface and enables it to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

This is a low temperature firing technique and as a result is not intended to hold water. The clay body is not highly vitrified and can be quite delicate. As a result it can be easily damaged if knocked.