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Lustre and White Crackle #01

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This is a Lustre and White Crackle piece which contains a range of glossy raku glazes that contain copper, tin and cobalt. When these glazes are fired they create shiny metallic and lustrous effects. These may be used in combination with the above techniques. A white crackle glaze is also used to create contrast with the metallic glazes.

During the cooling and reduction process of the white crackle glaze small cracks or crazing occurs in the glaze surface. This is enhanced in the reduction bin where smoke and carbon is sucked into the crazing enhancing these unique and intricate patterns.


W12 x H33cm


Lustre and White Crackle


The pot is cleaned with water and when dry, a layer of wax is applied to the surface to protect and enhance the decoration. This also protects the surface and enables it to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

This is a low temperature firing technique and as a result is not intended to hold water. The clay body is not highly vitrified and can be quite delicate. As a result it can be easily damaged if knocked.