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Horse Hair Raku #03

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This is a Horse Hair Raku piece which is a similar firing technique to Raku. During the final stages of the turning process the pot is burnished. After the pot is dry, it is sprayed with terra sigillata and polished resulting in a high gloss sheen.

After the pot is bisque fired it is painted with ferric chloride. When dry it is wrapped in a thick layer of silver foil. Before the foil is sealed, sea weed, banana peels, rock salt, copper carbonate, wood shavings, saw dust and cobalt carbonate are added around the pot.

Following this the pot is fired until it glows red. It is removed from the kiln with the foil partially removed and horse hair is laid on the hot surface which shrivels creating black patterns on the surface.


W11.5 x H13cm


Horse Hair Raku


The pot is cleaned with water and when dry, a layer of wax is applied to the surface to protect and enhance the decoration. This also protects the surface and enables it to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

This is a low temperature firing technique and as a result is not intended to hold water. The clay body is not highly vitrified and can be quite delicate. As a result it can be easily damaged if knocked.